Everything You Need to Know



There are a number of ways you can convert a ChocolateChipJS web app into a hybrid app. The most popular of these is Phonegap and the Cordova project. These give you access to the device hardware for those situations where you need to do so.


ChocolateChip-UI provides its own command line tool for creating hybrid apps. It's the same tool you use to create new ChocolateChip-UI projects.

The chui tool provides a thin hybrid wrapper for your app, but does not provide access to device hardware. If you are not accessing the hardware of the device, it makes sense to use these over the bulkier Phonegap/Cordova alternative. Your app will be smaller, require less memory, and load faster. Please read this section about available NPM wrapper solutions.

Platform Support

For iOS, ChocolateChip-UI supports versions 9 and 10 using Swift 3 and WkWebView for fast JavaScript rendering. For Android it supports Jelly Bean up to Nougat (4.2 - 7.0).