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For years jQuery was the only way to deal with the DOM inconsistencies between IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Those days are long gone. In fact, the types of apps developers are creating are quite different from those back in the jQuery glory days. Mostly people continue to use jQuery because of a specific plugin they need. ChocolateChip-UI is not for desktop websites. It's for mobile apps. Desktop browser plugins are not suitable for mobile use. Rather than depend on jQuery, we built ChocolateChip-UI to stand on its own.

jQuery API

Because of the prevalence of jQuery, ChocolateChip-UI uses jQuery API conventions to make it easy for you to get started. Check out the documentation for ChocolateChip-UI's DOM methods. ChocolateChip-UI also has a few unique takes on the jQuery API where it lets you accomplish tasks that are more complicated in jQuery. See Utilities for more info.

Layouts, Widgets and Views

ChocolateChip-UI's purpose is to help you build apps that look and feel native. This is important if you want to put your app in the app stores. Our layouts, widgets, views and models provide everything you need to build sophisticated apps. Try out any of ChocolateChip-UI's' examples or demos and you'll see what is possible.

ChocolateChip-UI also comes with support for standard promises, fetch, and local storage persistence, and the ability to write ECMAScript 6 for use with Babel. These are the future of web development. We feel that this is a better approach than being shackled to jQuery dependence.