Everything You Need to Know



ChocolateChip-UI has a Router. ChocolateChip-UI's approach is different from other routing solutions because of its purpose. ChocolateChip-UI is for making hybrid apps. These don't have browser chrome, so no url address bar. You might get a url to download an app, but you're not getting a url for inside your app. ChocolateChip-UI's router therefore does not use a url. It uses an internal, Rest-like interface for routing. And you can get the current and full path of a drill-down navigation path at any time. You could then send this to a remote server for a Rest-based controller to handle.

By not messing with the url, on mobile devices with back buttons, hitting it will immediate return the user as they would expect.

ChocolateChip-UI's router allows you to customize navigation lists, slide out menus and tab bars so that you can load content dynamically based on what the user tapped. Please read the section Use.