Everything You Need to Know


Barebones Core

Having a framework provide you with everything is nice, but sometimes you don't need that. If you want minimal, you can create a project with the -t basic flag. Rather than importing utilities and widgets into your project's app.js file, ignore them, or delete your project's dev/src folder. Leave the dev folder because that's where the build script looks for code to process.

Try extending Component and adding whatever functionality you want. Maybe write your own widgets. With barebones, it's up to you to come up with solutions for your app's need.

Remember that although you're only using chui.min.js, this provides you with basic DOM methods, events, gestures, pubsub, components and state. You can delete the CSS themes as well and replace them with whatever you want: Bootstrap, Material Design. Using your own CSS gives you the freedom to decide what kind of markup you can use to create your app's interface. Going barebones gives you more control over how you can build your app. But that also means more work for you.