Everything You Need to Know



ChocolateChip-UI provides four reference apps for you to see how to put ChocolateChipJS's layouts, views, models, widgets and routes together to make apps. Get them by running the following command in the terminal:

chui -r

This will output a folder named "Chui Reference Apps" to your desktop. In iy are four demo apps:

  • SFCoffee - Specialty coffeeshops in San Francisco.
  • Vino - Wines of Northern California.
  • Fragranž - Sample colognes for men, women and children.
  • TodoMVC - Based on the popular TodoMVC, but reimaged for a mobile experience.

Build and Run

In order to run these apps you need to first install their dependencies:

npm i

When that's done, run:

npm run build

After that you can double click their index files to launch them in the browser, or run an instance of a server in the directory.