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Segmented Button

Segmented buttons are useful to provide the user several possible actions from one interface control. The can also be used to toggle the visibility of panels of content. To create a segemented button control you need to have a container for them. This is usually a div with the classes "horizontal centered". We will inject the segmented buttons in this:

Segmented Buttons
<div id='segmentedPanel' class='horizontal centered'></div>

With our container ready, we can initialize the control:

  element: '#segmentedPanel',
  labels : ['Radioactive','Hurt','Yeah, Yeah'],
  selected: 2,
  callback: segmentedResponse

In the above example notice that we provide the id of the container as the value of element. Then we provide labels that the buttons will display. We set a default selected state, which is a zero-based number. And finally, a callback to execute when the user taps a segment. That's all there is to set up a segmented control. Please see the file "segmented-button.html" in the folder of examples in the source code from Github.

You can capture an instance of a segmented button control so that you can find out what its current selection is. To do this, assign the control to a variable. When you create an instance in this way, you can use the method val() to get an object of the current selection. The object exposes the zero-based index of the seclection, as well as the currently selected button. Please note that before version 4.2.0 you would have used getSelection() for the same purpose. In the following example, we assign the control to segCtrl and then execute segCtrl.val().index to output the current selected button, and we use segCtrl.val().element to get the text of the button:

var segCtrl = $.Segmented({
  element: '#segmentedPanel',
  labels : ['Radioactive','Hurt','Yeah, Yeah'],
  selected: 2,
  callback: function() {
    // Output the numeric value of the selection:
    $('.attentionGrabber').text(segCtrl.val().index + 1);
    // Output the text value of the button selected:

Read the following instructions for getting the examples.

Segmented Button Example

See the Pen Segmented Button by Robert Biggs (@rbiggs) on CodePen.

Segmented Button with Android Theme

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